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Imagine that you have an upcoming speaking engagement in front of a group of peers. You have a moderate level of previous public speaking experience in front of friendly audiences. While your anxiety levels felt manageable in the past, success with your upcoming speech is crucial. This is where we come in. By working with an experienced public speaking coach, you have the opportunity to build comfort and, ultimately, confidence. The key to confidence lies in dedicated preparation. With training sessions from Norton Communication Strategies, you’ll be ready to captivate even the most daunting of audiences.

senator giving speech

Customized Training & Preparation

With intentional preparation, we can transform you into a confident speaker. You will feel centered, focused, and ready to deliver a successful speech. We will work with you to develop content, organize your remarks, and engage with your audience. We will begin with a full analysis of your event, audience, content, and style.

conference full of people

Training Sessions

Across a series of training sessions, we can focus on background preparation, repetition and practice. Together we can tackle physical tics (crutch words, excessive blinking, hand-wringing, etc.), audience engagement, logistics plans, and whatever else brings you anxiety before an audience. Our philosophy: We won’t change who you are, but we will teach you how to mitigate your challenges and lean into your strengths. With this training and our fine-tuning, you will deliver a speech to remember.

If you’re ready to get started on the path to success, reach out today.